Kid's Nature Zone!

The Kid’s Nature Zone (or KNZ, as we call it!) started out in April 2017 as a “place” for kids to get dirty, increase fitness through active play and spark imagination by engaging with nature. The plan was--and still is--to fill it with logs and sticks and mud for fort building and nature art, a vernal pool for watching tadpoles and dragonflies and stalking frogs, patches of wild flowers and prairie grasses for interacting with butterflies and grasshoppers and a central fire pit for hanging out, telling stories  and toasting marshmallows.

But two years later, after watching scads of children enjoy the woods and water, the flora and fauna of the whole Buzzard’s Roost  Nature Preserve as well as our other parks and outdoor spaces, it has become apparent that, like nature herself, the Kid’s Nature Zone is unbounded. It can’t be contained in an area or confined to a space because it exists within each of us. It’s an attitude and an idea. It’s educating ourselves and learning to relate to the natural world around us with the wide-eyed spontaneity of children. It’s a love of the wild-- a desire to sink your feet down in the grass and smell the soil; to touch the trees and have your ears filled with the music of birds and insects and rushing water. So, while there’s still a beautiful, developing playground at the Buzzard’s Roost where kids can meet up and explore, the Kid’s Nature Zone is perpetual: expanding and becoming so much more.

Keep an eye on the Ross County Park District website to watch us evolve, or check out the Kids’ Nature Zone on facebook for updates about programs and events and grow with us! Be sure to like and share so the word gets out! If you have any questions or comments, or would like to volunteer or support the KNZ with a donation, feel free to contact us. We LOVE hearing from you!

-Miss Myranda

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